Do you feel as though you have an item that might be real™? If you’d like our experts to authenticate your writing, music, video, visual art, or other potentially real object, submit the following:

-the item in question

-a simple statement about why you think this thing may be real™


Please ensure that this piece of audio is as authentic as possible before submitting. Up to 3 audio files.

Also helpful: a piece of visual art (album cover, etc.) to draw the eye, so as to draw the ear. No drawings of eyes or ears, please. Up to 1 image file.

Video you think to be authentic only.  All ersatz will further disintegrate our moral fiber and cause more unrest.

Categories, if you haven't already figured out, are superficial constructs created to constrain human perceptions.  Still, in order to communicate efficiently and effectively, it is often helpful to rely on such categories.  That being said, real™ text can be in almost any genre, as long as it causes readers to question existence in some way, preferbly to the extent that schizophrenia occurs.  The preferred length, is 2 to 3 pages.

Video and audio accompaniments get Bonus Realzy Points™.

We have previously accepted products as category-defying as furniture, beer, and video games. The more miscellaneous, the further grows The Reality Institute's grasp on reality.

The Reality Institute